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The Well is an initiative from West Auckland Vineyard Church resulting from a vision we were given to engage with, and provide something of value, to the community we are called to serve.


Why the Well?


Wells may not be an everyday sight for us in the UK but we still use the word to signify a place of refreshment, a place to relax and recuperate and a place where you can just step aside from the pressure and stress and take time out. Well, that's it.......and we want to provide such a place in West Auckland.


There is more though. In the bible (John chapter 4) there is a story about Jesus stopping at a well in the heat of the day part way through a journey. He does something as simple as asking a women for a drink, but because of the prevailing culture and the historical baggage it was a bombshell of a question which challenged the culture, broke down long held prejudices and destroyed barriers. In order to establish real communication and open the door to a meaningful relationship Jesus would do what was necessary. The well, in this story which started as a place of relaxation and refreshing soon became a place of realisation and revelation, of insight, power, forgiveness, worship and a doorway to an undreamed of relationship with God... You can find us in West Auckland near the village post office, our address is



The Well

46 East Green

West Auckland

Bishop Auckland

County Durham

DL14 9HJ


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About The Well

Although The Well serves great coffee and homemade cakes there is so much more to it than that.


We also offer a wide range of ministries such as:

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