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At The Well we are committed to fighting poverty and injustice through trade. What we buy and where we buy it from can make such a difference - for good or for bad. Everything you purchase in the cafe and the shop will be sourced from Fairtrade suppliers and certified as Fairtrade. This means producers are paying their workers a fair and living wage, and we get top quality products, they get better lives.

That's a win win.


All fairtrade products will be clearly labelled with the Fairtrade logo and include all coffee and teas served in the coffee shop.


For more information about Fairtrade here are some useful links:

What is fairtrade? People behind the products Fairtrade foundation Fair to Flourishing strategy WAVCweb Justice


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We stock a good range of fairtrade food and non food items. Depending on the season we will also carry greeting cards,gifts and crafts.


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